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How much continuing education do I need to maintain my DSPS (formerly DRL) license?

You need 20 clock hours every two years. At the time of licensure renewal, you will be required to sign a statement attesting to the completion of this requirement.

Do the hours I collect for renewing my DRL license have to be ASHA CEU approved?

No, they do not. While ASHA CEUs are a convenient means to collecting the 20 hours, they are only one option. You may take hours approved by another agency or association (e.g., AAA). You may file an independent study for clock hours with WSHA to gain approval to take a workshop that has not been pre-approved by a CEU sponsor. There is a charge for this, and you must file the paperwork at least 30 days ahead of time, not retroactively for independent study approval.

Can I use the same continuing education clock hours to count toward both a DRL license and a DPI license renewal?

Yes, you may. Keep in mind that the hours required for Department of Public Instruction (DPI) license renewal allows for more content areas than does DSPS. For example, in-service hours gained for “stress in the workplace” may count for DPI license renewal but not DSPS, since it does not directly address speech-language or audiology issues. To ensure that your clock hours will count toward licensure renewal, it is safest for you to stick with ASHA- or AAA-approved CEU hours.

What kind of proof will I need that I have completed the 20 hours?

You are responsible for maintaining information on how each of your 20 hours was earned, as well as evidence of successful completion. This may include holding onto paperwork received from ASHA, AAA, or another organization such as WSHA through whom you completed your independent study. The burden of proof is on you, not on any other agency, on WSHA, or on the Department of Safety and Professional Services.

Can I get DSPS credit for attending a conference that hasn’t been approved by ASHA, AAA or DPI?

Any organization or conference sponsor can submit a ”Continuing Education Approval Request” (Form #2440) to the Hearing and Speech Examining Board at least 45 days prior to the start of the conference. The board will review the request at their regularly scheduled board meetings. The board meets four times a year. Programs or courses offered prior to the next available board meeting will not be approved. The board will not review courses submitted by individuals.

What do I have to do if I only have a DPI license?

Nothing. The 20 clock hours of continuing education only affects those who wish to renew their DSPS licenses. Those with DPI licenses should continue to follow the continuing education requirements for DPI license renewal.

What is the relationship between WSHA and the DSPS?

The Department of Safety and Professional Services is a state-funded office that oversees the licensing of audiologists, hearing instrument specialists, speech-language pathologists, and many other professionals in the state of Wisconsin. They use WSHA as a prime resource when licensure issues arise. The Hearing and Speech Examining (HAS) Board oversees the rules and regulations guiding licensure and handles any complaints and customer service concerns. It is the HAS Board that has the authority to monitor continuing education required for license renewal.

What is the relationship between WSHA and the DPI?

The Department of Public Instruction is the state agency overseeing the education of school-age children in Wisconsin. To maintain a teaching license from the DPI, a professional must meet the required continuing education hours specified in regulations. These hours may be obtained through continuing education offerings by WSHA, although it is not possible to gather all the continuing education hours needed solely through WSHA’s continuing education offerings.

What is the relationship between WSHA and ASHA with regard to continuing education?

ASHA has advocated for continuing education requirements for license renewal, but there is no mandate from them. ASHA approves and reviews continuing education providers, of which WSHA is one. Clock hours approved for ASHA CEUs are always accepted by the DRL as part of the continuing education requirement.

If you have other questions, please direct them to Karen Schneider, WSHA’s Continuing Education Administrator for ASHA, at wsha@badgerbay.co or 800-545-0640.

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